Ryan Nowak


I've been glued to computers ever since I was 3 and my rich uncle starting giving us his hand-me-down computers starting with an IBM 8088; this was followed by and Apple IIc, Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and then a 486 33megahertz screamer all before the age of 12.

This fostered an early and deep appreciation for the amazing things possible for the one-man work force but, as everyone knows, this industry does not function in a vacuum. So, by my mid teens with the help of the newly introduced 'World-Wide-Web', I began to parlay this knowledge/love/relationship into what has become my one and only career.

Second only to my family programming and digital content creation are my passions as I have given many years to both of these disciplines.

Specialties: HTML5 + CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, UI/UX Design & Implementation PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, ColdFusion, Web Applications, Standards Based Development, N-Tier Web App Development, RIA, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling/Animation/Compositing and making everyone laugh with self-deprecating humor.


Cascade College - Portland, OR.

Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies


UI/UX Design & Implementation, HTML5 & CSS3, Interface Technologies, Rich Interactive Applications, Mobile Web Application Development, Standards Based Development, Photoshop Expert, N-Tier Web App Development.


Tempest Interactive Media Senior Web Developer - Tucson, AZ ( 06/2014 - current )

  • Joined top tier powerhouse team who specialize in supporting DMO goals and directives:
  • Filled production need for leading DMO client projects: Utilizing industry leands tools such as Expression Engine, MySQL, jQuery, COMPASS SASS, NPM and others to fulfill fast buildout and integration of leading destinations such as Greenbay, Jacksonville, Long Beach, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, etc.

Anna Interactive LLC Lead Developer - Prescott, AZ ( 09/2012 - 5/2014 )

  • Freelancing and Consulting in all aspects of Web Application Development: Worked with numerous clients in the travel/tourism, mining, medical and small business industries to help each entity create a certain experience or reach a specific interactive goal.
  • Creation of In-House, Private Mobile Applications: Worked with several businesses to create native mobile applications (IPhone and Android) to address specific internal business needs workforce.
  • Continued Paradigm Shift Towards Responsive Design/Build out: Majority of 2013 was spent working on web projects that allowed the user to utilize any type of viewing device; from mobile to hi-resolution wide-screen and everything in between. Utilized Responsive Frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap, Blueprint and Kube. Several Responsive projects were also done without a responsive framework constructing a custom built solution.

simpleview inc. Lead Mobile Dev - Tucson, AZ ( 11/2011 - 09/2012 )

  • Mobile Platform Codebase and Client Code Porting: Ported 60+ clients to simpleview’s newly created mobile platform of which I assisted in creating.
  • Architecting of 2.0 Mobile Platform: Working with the CIO and R&D to identify client requirements and data visualization options, based on current CRM and CMS products, for inclusion in the next version of the mobile platform
  • Mobile Design and Implentation: Designed and created mobile page layouts and specifications using Photoshop, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS/CSS3

simpleview inc. Lead CMS Developer - Tucson, AZ ( 05/2008 - 11/2011 )

  • Pushed and promoted the use of the newest user interface technologies ( e.g. jQuery, ext.js, prototype.js, etc. )
  • Lead a team of 4 developers through all aspects of web application production
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses between team members and funneled work to the appropriate developer for fast turnaround while also distributing items that would encourage growth and creativity.
  • Worked directly with PMs to identify client needs, create realistic timelines, manage expectations and prevent scope creep
  • Met weekly and monthly with other team leads to identify common issues with current codebase version and to provide resolutions to said issues. This time was also used to discuss new product offerings and modifications to current products
  • Cross-team lectures to keep everyone up to scratch on the newer coding best practices
  • Creation and co-chairing developer user group to help new developers and find new hires
  • Occasionally porting existing client products ( written in PHP ) to ColdFusion for integration into existing ColdFusion codebase
  • Worked jointly with PM to encourage and motivate junior devs via projects and/or bonus structure
  • Worked jointly with PM in junior development reviews

simpleview inc. Lead Support Developer - Vancouver, WA ( 06/2004 - 05/2008 )

  • Identified needs within the company regarding the ongoing needs of clients and their projects
  • Participated in the architecture and build out of an in-house ticketing system whereby projects can be tracked internally and clients can submit external requests
  • Identified patterns and ‘problem areas’ within the company by cross referencing client feedback against time entries and server logs
  • Created literature and training tools for all devs and those responsible for ‘problems’ within the pipeline
  • Wrote, recorded and edited visual training videos for developers as well as clients

Bonneville Power Admin. Web App. Dev. - Portland, OR ( 03/2002 - 06/2004 )

  • Serviced and provided web application consulting to 50+ internal business lines within organization
  • Creation of specialized web applications for each business line to help make each lines business data accessible to the others
  • Helped create a standards committee in regards to best practices with special attention in adhering to ADA accessibility guidelines
Web Application Development, Mobile Game/App Dev, Motion Graphics, Visual FX & Compositing, 3D modeling & Animation, 2D Animation, Music Recording & Production, Voice-Over Recording & Production
Available on request